ThisOnly is a project developed out of the practice of Chiraag Bhakta/*Pardon My Hindi. This project is rooted in archival research which is used to catalog and narrate layered histories and expressed through wearables, readymades and other printed matter. 

The word “Only” is used in South Asian English to emphasize a statement (e.g. I want this only.)

February 2021
(TO29  - TO35)
We continue our explorations with a new collection focused on the mystique around the “Magic Dollar” and the perceptions and uses of money. A “waste of money” for some could be weapons of mass destruction and for others publicly-backed experimental cinema. Who considers what to be a worthy use of money and why?

December 2020
(TO19 - TO28)
This month was released in conjunction with an exhibit at Rawson Projects (NYC), which features wearables and a zine that explore the aesthetics and socio-political context behind the legendary rapper KRS-One’s experience in New York in the early 1980s and the first Communist government (elected in 1957) in Kerala, India.