ThisOnly is an artist collective developed out of the practice of Chiraag Bhakta/*Pardon My Hindi. Their practice weaves layered narratives & archival research and is expressed through various mediums, including wearables, publications, readymades and assemblage.

The word “Only” is used in South Asian English to emphasize a statement.


October 2021
(TO-54 to TO-55)
ThisOnly x Brooklyn Museum
Expanding upon themes from Baseera Khan’s “I Am an Archive” at the Brooklyn Museum. We present global perspectives of the hair economy rooted within our archival research & articulated through the mediums of wearables and digital prints. 

October 2021
Video works at Slingshot Festival in Durham, NC

September 2021
Living Fear
"From Now On It Is Not Dying We Must Fear, But Living”

July - August 2021
Part of the group show, Visions and Nightmares, at Simone Subal Gallery in New York. The show was curated by Baseera Khan. 

June 2021
(TO-45 to TO-50)
Exploring the history and politics surrounding concepts of “intellectual property” and “private property” through media, print, and signage. These concepts presented themselves as we examined the institutional pathology behind today’s glaring “vaccine apartheid” expressed by the disproportionate severity of the Covid crisis upon the developing world (Collection.) Proceeds from this collection will be donated to charities responsibly addressing the Covid crisis in India. Consider this our “Ode to Sisyphus”.

May 2021
(TO-36 to TO-43)
NADA House: Governors Island, New York
House 403 / 2nd Floor
May 8 – August 1, 2021

Through the filter of legendary Bronx rapper KRS-One, the installation explores the aesthetic and socio-political strides of Black cultural empowerment within tyrannical 1980s NYC and national and international politics.

February 2021
(TO-29  to TO-35)
We continue our explorations with a new collection focused on the mystique around the “Magic Dollar” and the perceptions and uses of money. A “waste of money” for some could be weapons of mass destruction and for others publicly-backed experimental cinema. Celebrating the work of Pramod Pati.

December 2020
(TO-19 to TO-28)
This month was released in conjunction with an exhibit at Rawson Projects (NYC), which features wearables and a zine that explore the aesthetics and socio-political context behind the legendary rapper KRS-One’s experience in New York in the early 1980s (Collection) and the first Communist government (elected in 1957) in Kerala, India (Collection)

Website 3.0

June  2018
(TO-03 to TO-17)
Can be found in the PAST section

Website 2.0

November 2015
Website with 100 found and created objects each paired with a piece of media.